Thank you for visiting Kashmir Bostons!  I am in the early stages of building my kennel and establishing my name as a shower/breeder of excellent quality show and pet Boston Terriers.  I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on a small farm in picturesque Travelers Rest, South Carolina.  I share my home with my wonderful husband of 39 years, 3 Bostons, 12 hens and a couple of horses.
After living with dogs my entire life (Collies, Shelties and Mutts), I took my father's advice and bought my first Boston Terrier (Zoey) in 2007.  Dad raised Bostons as a boy in the 1920's and 30's, and talked about Nancy and Mini Puddles on many occasions.  I wish I had listened to him sooner!
It did not take me long to see the uniqueness of the breed, and I was able to get my second Boston (Lily) in 2011.  Both Bostons were strictly pet quality which at the time was all I was looking for.  However, I soon started going to dog shows to see and study the breed, and began toying with the idea of showing and breeding.  After researching and talking to many breeders, I was able to convince one of them to sell me a potential show quality pup. 
I purchased June in June of 2015 and joined Greenville Kennel Club in hopes of learning all I could about showing and breeding.  In January, 2016, June and I entered our first dog show and won Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex.  And, June earned her first point towards her championship!!
I bred June in 2017 with the hopes of having another female to take in the show ring.  I guess it wasn't my time for another puppy though, since she produced four males, but only one female! All of the puppies were beautifully marked, but the female was not exactly what I was looking for to show. I will breed her again in 2018 and hopefully get the puppy I'm looking for. June is an excellent example of the true AKC Boston Terrier standard and is also the most loving, sweet and funny dog I have ever owned.  My hope is that she will raise many show and pet quality puppies with her wonderful temperament.

Happiness is a warm puppy.”

— Charles M. Schulz